Plumbing Masters Highlighted in News 9 Article on Winter Plumbing Tips

In an insightful interview with News 9, Plumbing Masters shed light on a crucial aspect of home maintenance during the cold winter months in Oklahoma City—the risk of plumbing emergencies, such as frozen or burst pipes. With unexpected cold snaps bringing chilling temperatures, it’s a situation that requires immediate attention to prevent significant damage.

In the interview, we emphasize the readiness of our team to tackle these urgent situations. As plumbers, we must be prepared for plumbing emergencies, which means loading our gear and equipment in our trucks. This readiness allows us to respond swiftly to calls from homeowners, minimizing the potential for water damage and other related issues.

We also provided valuable advice for homeowners on how to avert such crises. Simple steps, like shutting off water and unplugging electronics, are initial measures to mitigate damage until professional help arrives.

But what should you do when faced with a plumbing emergency? If your pipes burst or you suspect they’re frozen, don't hesitate to call Plumbing Masters. We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services to Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas.

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